20% of all earnings will go to charity. To learn more about the charity program, click here.

All services include a risk-free initial consultation.


Cardio Programs

If you are interested in taking your running, biking and/or swimming to the next level, these programs are best for you. I will work with you to put together an individualized training regimen to reach your goals. From there on, I will be in touch with you on a regular basis as the training progresses, at your convenience. From running a 5K to completing an Ironman, I will make sure you get to the finish line with a smile. 


Price per month: $100

Cardio Programs include a $50 setup fee.




1 on 1 Runs

Nervous? Never ran before? Interested in running but need some motivation? Pay on the go with this simple pricing plan. 


Up to 1 hour: $30

Over 1 hour: $35
3 session package: $80 (all up to 1 hour)
3 session package: $85 (mixed)
3 session package: $90 (all over 1 hour)

Strength Training & Conditioning Sessions

Using an innovative training regimen including calisthenics, plyometrics, stability balls, and more. You can expect to make remarkable fitness gains while minimizing risk of injury. Each session is 45 minutes. All sessions are for Summer 2013 (beginning of June - end of August).

1 Session: $40

3 Session Package: $110


Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Want to stay accountable and stay on the healthy lifestyle path? This coaching plan includes frequent communication - or as much as needed. Making sure you stay accountable and remember what eating healthy within living a healthy lifestyle is all about.

Price per month: $70



Want to talk over an existing training program or come up with a new one? Looking for some general fitness/nutritional guidance? I'd love to meet with you or in groups.

Price: $45



Prices subject to change.